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Perigean Spring Tides

By mimorg33


It’s a cyclical worldwide occurrence. This year it took place on the new moons of April 7 and May 8, during the full moon of October 16 and it will happen again on November 14. It comes as the result of the Sun, Earth and Moon being in alignment, bringing the two shining planets closest to ours. As their gravitational pull increases the sea levels rises. Some immediate consequences are cyclones, floods and storms; it also gives us a glimpse of what they might potentially be like in the future; not on particular lunar cycles but on any given day. This October the tidal strength came across under the sign of Aries; the warrior moon helped propel what is popularly known as King Tides. As its white light beamed across the water behind my home I read about out troops courageously supporting the Iraqi forces attempt to liberate the city of Mosul from ISIL’s stronghold.


As the moon reappeared behind its veil of clouds similar to abstract brushstrokes and shined her motherly light on Earth some of us sent a prayer for our men and women to return home safe, for the Iraqi troops to achieve their goal and free Mosul from the yoke asphyxiating it. For the King Tides to be benevolent as they intrude on the US coastal areas in California, Florida, Maine, Maryland, South Carolina and Washington as well as in Australia and New Zealand.


In the future some of us might take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the devastating impact of climate change through programs such as the King Tides Project.