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New Girl’s Healthy Season 4 Premiere

We know that laughter is known to be a remedy for a variety of emotional states, but it’s a little better than that.  According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter’s short term benefits encompasses the stimulation of several organs such as your lungs and heart, it relaxes you, and promotes positive circulation and muscle relaxation. The long-term effects of laughter include improvement of your immune system, acting as a natural painkiller, helping you cope with difficult situations, and making you happier.  So, you might understand why I have incorporated its health benefits here….

New Girl is insanely funny.  This cast has you laughing out loud throughout the 30 minutes.  I can honestly say that two minutes in, I said “I had been without them for too long”.  The season 4 premiere was great.  The plot was centered around their final wedding of the summer and ensuring they all left with someone.  Zooey Deschanel’s character, Jess, opens the episode by saying they were going in as a sex fist and ending the episode saying they were leaving with just a sex finger.  She used a voice she named “Vagina Voice” which, as I write about it, has me laughing right now (I’ve heard writing can also be beneficial for your health). One of the other characters, Winston, advises Jess that since there is only one eligible bachelor at the reception, she was to “Joe Biden” him and just “be there” every time he turned around.  Since I will never be able to do it justice, I won’t go into Winston’s advise about foursomes to Nick and Schmidt using the salt and pepper shakers, Jess’ YMCA dance in the men’s room, or Coach’s “chocolate pocket”.

Go add laughter to your life and watch it on Tuesdays on Fox at 9 p.m. EST, and please go find and watch the season 4 premiere.  With everything that’s going on in the world today, we really need to take time to laugh and enhance the quality of our lives.  It may sound silly, but take some time for you, and go and double-over laughing at this wonderful cast!


True Blood’s True Death

I have opted to wait until this series’ true end to write about it.  Why?  Despite the criticisms over the last few seasons (and I include myself in that), I love this show, Charlaine Harris’ series of books on which it’s based on, and I can’t imagine Sundays without it.  It’s been a part of of our Sunday ritual for seven years and the void will be felt perhaps more than the void left by the books (despite the books being better).  Onto critiquing the series finale…

I loved Granny Stackhouse’s cameo reminding Sookie to never limit herself.  I enjoyed Sookie’s disdain of Jason’s preference for instant coffee.  Hoyt and Jessica’s wedding was a sweet and cheesy touch that took way too long (Jason’s was sweet and to the point).  Bill’s end was poorly chosen and pathetic.  And is it me or did Sookie’s baby daddy kinda look like Stephen Moyer from the back???  And Eric and Pam…sure, I guess, whatever…I wasn’t a fan of that story line ending either or Sam’s.  I had hoped that Sookie, who I love because she’s a bad-ass, would have an equally empowering final screen shot other than her pouring lemonade.

Well…good night sweet Bon Temps…you gave us many years of debauchery, romance, and fang-banging.  Really a stake through Bill? Really?!  Well, at least there was LaFayette’s sound ending.  Good night.


True Blood: the beginning of the end…Say it ain’t so!

The creators have begun most of the seasons with an extra dose of blood & gore, and Sookie at a crossroad…and this final season isn’t shaping up to be much different.

The season opened with the army of Walking Deadesque vampires that killed many Bon Temps folks, including Tara, which was both a shock and relief due to the annoying evolution of her character (which has been completely different from the one Charlaine Harris envisioned in her Sookie Stackhouse novels of which this series was once based on, now not so much). So bye bye Tara, but we get to still deal with your annoying, crazy mama…you couldn’t have used her as a shield?!

Sookie’s insecurities of how the townsfolk perceive her is in full swing, the much anticipated sexual encounter with Alcide was reduced to 2 seconds of which we saw nothing…really?! We’ve got Pam looking for Eric and playing Russian roulette, some weird Bon Temps vigilante idiots hunting the good vampires, Jessica having an existential crisis with the fairy teen, her boyfriend and Lafayette engaged in an interlude with homoerotic undercurrents, Sam as mayor (?!), and Bill being himself.

However…I will take this moment to thank Jason, the show’s moral compass, and a man of very few (or repeated) words. Thank you Jason for being the source of joy for so many of us as you and your vampire girlfriend engaged in a rather explicit sexual encounter…thank you.

Am I looking forward to next Sunday’s episode? Of course!  I may critique it, but I LOVE it and I’m dreading its final departure…

True Blood can never do wrong in my book…5 fangs.